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Dec, 2019

AGM Minutes

Youth Soccer Club 2019 Annual General Meeting 
December 5. 2019

Board Members in attendance:
Pete Phillips, Larry Radcliff, Ed Miles, Mark Loutzenhiser, Lianna Kovar, Andy Stevens, John Stockett, Candy Stickney, Scott Taylor, and Amy Munsey.

Club Manager, Pete Phillips, called the 2019 OYSC Annual General Meeting (AGM) to order at 7:02
(Prior to the AGM, Ed Miles [Member-at-Large] and Larry Radcliff [Referee Coordinator/Assignor] and Scott Taylor [Referee Training Coordinator] recognized and made awards to: OYSC Female Youth Referee of the Year, Danielle Russell; OYSC Male Youth Referee of the Year, Braydon Barnum; and OYSC Adult Referee of the Year, Richard Geistert.) 

Review of minutes from the 2018 AGM
Motion for Approval – Russell Wherry
Second – Lianna Kovar
No discussion or questions.
Vote for approval.  Majority approved.

No unfinished business from the 2018 AGM.

Board Member reports and description of duties:
Field Coordinator - paints field markings and checks field conditions, fixes holes, etc. This board position is very flexible and we try and have at least 3 to 4 field coordinators each year.  August is the busiest time.
Electronic Information Coordinator - maintains the website.  Busiest time is at the beginning of the season.
Member-at-Large – Is appointed by the Club Manager and serves the special needs of the Club.
Equipment Coordinators – Two people are typ ically required for this role.  We use Soccer Pro for our uniforms.    
Referee Training Coordinator – Prepares and mentors new referees.  Organizes training courses, and Inservice courses.  Reserves all course locations and completes all course preparations. 
Referee Coordinator / Assignor – Maintains the OYSC Referee pool and assigns referees for our weekly matches.
Recreational Coach Coordinator – Provides all communication with coaches for registration, coaching, advanced training, etc.  Ensures that the coaches know important dates, coaching knowledge, etc.  Very communication based.  

Treasurer -   Manages funds, pays bills, generates monthly financial reports for the OYSC Board, files reports to the various government entities.
Registrar - Organizes yearly walk-in registration nights and electronic registration.  Coordinates with the Recreational Coaching Coordinator to ensure that there are coaches for each team.  
Assistant Manager - Fills in for the Manager and assists in special projects.
Club Manager - Organizes the AGM and monthly board meetings, creates the meeting plan, Attends League and District meetings, responds to questions from coaches, players, and parents.  Deals with disciplinary action for players, coaches, parents, etc.
Secretary - Meeting notes, pictures, and flyers in the spring.

New Business
U6-U8 playing league
-FLSL will use a league scheduler for the 2020 season, teams should be more evenly matched
-schedule will be based upon our recommendations  
-Pete and Jo will go to the league to discuss seeding options for the U6-U8

Good of the Game:
Sac Republic FC is moving to MLS
An OYSC coach was observed congratulating an opposing player for a good play that they made.  It was nice to see the comradery of the soccer community
Mark commented that he has had a great group of girls for the last 12 years as a team, this was the last year for them, it was fun a such a positive experience.  It’s great to see girls that want to play soccer that long
Parent commented to Pete that they observed an Orangevale coach who always goes out of his way to welcome the opposing team and what a great example of great sportsmanship that is
A parent commented that OYSC was the only club that responded to them in a search for a club that would assign matches to their first-time referee son

Nominations from the floor:
Field Coordinators -Amy Munsey, Rick Kirkpatrick, Jeff Rodli
Equipment Coordinator -  Rick Kirkpatrick
Electronic Information Coordinator - John Stockett
Members-at-Large - Ed Miles, Mark Loutzenhiser
Referee Training Coordinator - Scott Taylor
Rec Referee Coordinator and Assignor - Larry Radcliff
Rec Coach Coordinator – Terry Miller
Secretary – Lianna Kovar
Treasurer – Dan Kovar
Registrar - Candy Stickney, Felice Miller
Assistant Manager - Andy Stevens
Manager - Pete Phillips

** motioned for acceptance of the board-  Amy Munsey
** seconded- Mark Loutzenhiser
Majority passed


Meeting Adjourned 8:08pm
New Board Members-Dan Kovar, Rick Kirkpatrick, Terry Miller, Felice Miller, Jeff Rodli

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