OYSC Team Referee Policy

Based on recent communication from the general membership of the Orangevale Youth Soccer Club (OYSC, Club), survey results, and the need to become more consistent with the other clubs in the American River Youth Soccer League, the Board of Directors of the Club has worked diligently over the past several months to develop a new referee policy.  With the initiation of this new referee policy, the OYSC Board of Directors feels that it is important to remember that adult and youth participation is the foundation of our referee program. These activities enrich our members and community. 

Starting in the upcoming 2014-2015 soccer season, the Club will phase in a system that will still provide the coverage needed to referee our matches while at the same time, instituting a system that will pay our referees for their services.

The policy will apply to U8 thru U19 OYSC recreational and competitive teams and is based on our need to maintain an adequate pool of competent adult and youth referees within the Club.

Referee Policy Outline

The policy outlines how each team will provide either the OYSC Recreational Referee Coordinator or the OYSC Competitive Referee Coordinator with the name of ONE referee who will be paid by the Club to fulfill the team’s referee responsibilities.  The referees must be available to officiate OYSC league home games.   OYSC will pay these referees as Independent Contractors per U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requirements for non-profit organizations.  The Independent Contractor supplied by a team will officiate at least 5 games per season. 

Referee Policy Process

By August 1st of each year, all OYSC teams will provide the name of ONE referee for OYSC league home games to the appropriate OYSC Referee Coordinator.  Referees for U16 and U19 teams must be at least 18 years of age.  By August 8th, the appropriate OYSC referee coordinator will inform coaches whether their referee submissions are acceptable (remember, referees need to maintain their yearly membership as a Grade 8referee in the United States Soccer Federation Referee Program to be legally acceptable).  If submissions are rejected, coaches have until August 15th to submit the names of other referee candidates. 

Referees will officiate at least 5 home matches during OYSC league play as scheduled by the OYSC referee assigner.  All coaches and team referees will sign annual agreements to document their commitments to OYSC.  Any scheduling conflicts should be reported immediately to the OYSC referee assigner so accommodations can be made to resolve conflicts.

All team referees are encouraged to attend the OYSC In-Service Clinic each year.

Teams are prohibited from scheduling and paying referees directly without prior approval of the OYSC Club Manager.  Coaches who schedule or pay referees directly without prior OYSC approval may be subject to disciplinary action by the Club.  When OYSC approval is granted for a coach to pay a referee directly, a receipt documenting the date, name and address of the referee, and amount must be provided to the OYSC Treasurer to meet IRS reporting requirements.

Effective Date

This policy goes into effect as of March 1, 2014.  It replaces the current policy that was last modified in 2008. OYSC will host at least one Grade 8 Referee Licensing Clinic each summer.


Referees who provide services to OYSC are classified as Independent Contractors by the IRS.  All referees who have held USSF Grade 8 or better licenses before the current year are defined as Independent Contractors.  Referees under the age of 14 years with valid USSF Grade 8 referee licenses are defined as Volunteer Youth Referees.  Volunteer Youth Referees cannot receive pay due to State of California child labor laws.

Independent Contractors

All teams will use Independent Contractors assigned by the OYSC referee assigner for all league play.  The costs to pay these referees are built into the OYSC registration fees.  Independent Contractors will pay their cost of training, licensing, and uniforms.

Independent Contractors must possess valid and current USSF Grade 8 referee licenses or better and provide the OYSC Treasurer with fully-completed W9 forms before officiating any OYSC home games.  All eligible Independent Contractors will be paid for their services in accordance with the current OYSC compensation schedule. OYSC will pay Independent Contractors promptly after receipt of a copy of the fully-completed game cards.  Independent Contractors shall not rely on other parties to submit proof of their service to the OYSC Treasurer.  Independent Contractors shall make every effort to supply the OYSC Treasurer with copies of game cards by 5 pm Friday following the date the services were performed.  Copies can be sent by text or email to [email protected] or mailed to Orangevale Youth Soccer Club, PO Box. 2617, Orangevale, Ca 95662.  If proof of service for all OYSC league play is not received by December 1st, payment will not be issued.  OYSC will consider the services volunteered.  OYSC will issue 1099s to all Independent Contractors paid $600 or more for services provided within a calendar year.

If complaints are received regarding the performance of an Independent Contractor, the OYSC Referee Training Coordinator will advise the OYSC referee assigner that the Independent Contractor cannot be scheduled for future games.  The OYSC Referee Training Coordinator will conduct interviews and discuss the matter with the Independent Contractor, and decide if and when the Independent Contractor can officiate future OYSC games.

Volunteer Youth Referees

Because Volunteer Youth Referees cannot receive pay, they can only volunteer to officiate games.  One of the best ways to develop competence and confidence as a referee is to officiate the U8 age group.  Youth Volunteers will work with Independent Contractors during these U8 league games. 

Volunteer Youth Volunteers will receive a $90 stipend from OYSC after officiating their first 5 OYSC games.  The stipend is intended to offset their costs for training, licensing, and uniforms as a volunteer of OYSC.  Volunteer Youth Referees can earn scholarships based on the number of OYSC games they officiate.  For each 5 OYSC games that Volunteer Youth Referees officiate, they will receive a new referee jersey in the color and size of their choice.

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